Consistency is Key

The Waterbury Arc is unique in its supportive family-like environment. Most staff members have been with the organization for over 5 years and almost all key staff have been employees for over 25 years.

The Waterbury Arc is comprised of a team of professionals and volunteers who work to maintain the highest quality in both programs and care.

Deborah Vitarelli, Executive Director

Kathy Case, Director of Program Management

Doreen Peznowski, Director of Human Resources

Marjorie Malaspina, Comptroller

Roberta Barra, Accounts Payable

Marion Zyko, Accounts Receivable

Sandi Rodriguez, Individual and Family Support Coordinator

Dory St. John, OOA/DSO Manager

Fran Vitarelli, Director of Operations

Allison DeSorbo, Vocational Services Manager

Jim Sugrue, Supported Employment Manager